Notification when well pump turns on

I would like to use my smartthings to be able to get a notifcation when my well pump turns on. I was thinking I could wire into the load side of the pressure switch, so whenever the contacts close I could get 110v to some type of device, and get a notification from it. I am having a tough time deciding the best way to do this and was hoping maybe someone else had done this and could give any ideas on the best way to do this.

I think someone else was doing almost the same thing so you might want to search for that post.

With that said the easiest thing if you have 110v when the switch clicks on is to use a RIB relay to convert that 110v AC signal into a dry contact. From there you can use something like a EcoLink contact sensor that has external inputs to read the dry contact and send you a on/off.



This is perfect! I already have a spare of the ecolink contacts and was
trying to figure out how to use that to do this. Thanks for your