Welcome Message on lock opening

I have managed to configure a welcome message spoken through my Sonos speaker whenever the Yale lock is activated, using the Home Monitor function
However this announcement is also made whenever the door is opened from the inside, is there a better solution or device out there where I could program the announcement only when someone is coming in and not when going out?

If you have a storm/screen door you could use Rule Machine to say when the lock is unlocked check if the storm door is open and if so then play your message. The idea would be that if you are leaving, the storm door would be shut when you unlock the door. You would have to use a trigger (lock) with a rule (storm door).

I’m not certain of the specifics of the Yale lock, but the Schlage fires a different event type when the lock is opened or closed via the keypad, Z-Wave command, or manually turning the bolt.

A special SmartApp is likely required to read the event description and act accordingly.

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I have a Schlage lock and using the custom device type with Lock code Manager. I was also wondering if I can make use of these event types for triggering certain events, such as if Lock was manually unlocked from inside or with code from outside, Disarm system…if Lock was locked from outside Arm system …etc…Any idea how can I differentiate between event types reported by Schlage…Tx

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  1. Start by using the IDE to view the Event History for the Lock, as that will be the easiest hint as to which types of Events are distinguished in their descriptions.

  2. Then consider working with the Lock Device Type developer(s) to come up with a standard for how this should be handled across a few different types of Locks (if possible). Adding functionality at the “Capability” level is ideal, but we don’t officially have that option. But enhancing an already enhanced DTH (device type handler) is the next best thing. That way many SmartApps can take advantage of the new features (new Events / Attributes / Commands, etc.).