Welcome Home Routine with multiple people?

With Life360 no longer working how can I use SmartThings iPhone as presence but use multiple devices. Currently the routine disabled location after 1 device is selected.

Create virtual presence sensors for each person and link then to their member location with 2 routines. It would look like the following.

When you select who, it should list all available devices.

Although you can only use Member Location once in a Routine, the ‘Who?’ section should present all the devices in your Location that have been enabled for shared Location access, grouped by account name. That should let you pick which devices you are interested in, and you typically pick one per person. The ‘When?’ section let’s you specify if you are interested in all of the devices being at home or away from home, or just one or more of them.

There was an issue with the second iPhone device I added and had to unsure location and re share for it to show in the list. Downside to this is that it doesnt show as a deivce and in the IDE they are all listed as iPhone…