Temp Color adjust not working on my bulbs. Please help

Greetings. Last week we had a power outage at the house. When I got home I had to reset my bedroom bulbs to sync them with the hub again. After being synced they no longer adjust temp color. I have reset them twice but they still arent working. Im not a 100% but they are either Osram or Hue and I believe Hue. I saw in another thread in announcements someone else was having the same issue as me. What can I do to fix them?

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Info are they directly on Smartthings or another hub. Have you checked that they resyced with correct device type?

Hey sorry, they are directly connected to the hub. How would I check that? In the IDE?

Looks like they are on ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulb v2

The fan bulb in the same room, which I have not tested as it doesnt get used much is on ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulb

Just tested the fan. Its not working either.

Kitchen bulbs arent adjusting either. According to the post Weekly Update from Alex - 04/29/16

They are having the same issues since an update last week. I just assumed my issue was due to the power outage.

Is on and off working… if so they may have updated their device type for your bulbs and broke something… report it.

Yeah ON/OFF work fine. So does dimming. Its just the temp control. How do I report? Ticket?

Report in the app. .mine is broke also slider dies nothing my type is OSRAM LIGHTIFY LED Tunable White 60W

Done. Thanks!

@chowder007 and @Lgkahn, I believe this is a known bug that was discussed in a couple other threads. I have the same issue with OSRAM bulbs, thermostats, and anything using a range other than 0-100 int he DH. Here’s one of eh discussions:

I would also send an email to support@smartthings.com in case the reporting tool in the app doesn’t make it.


@johnconstantelo I dont know that this is the same issue. The slider actually works in that I can slide it from left to right. The color temp just doesn’t change.

The slider for the color temp bulb should be from 2700 to 6000, but the bug that was introduced broke how ranges for sliders are used, basically only allowing 0-100; hence why you can’t change the color temp. It’s related.

Ok thanks. Is there a fix for it or is it a wait until they fix kind of thing?

That’s a darn good question. I have no idea. I’ve had to come up with a temporary SmartApp as a workaround…

@Jim may be able to help answer.

this is a known issue, make sure you file a report with support so they can fix it. Everyone who has this issue needs to file a report so they know how many users this affects.

@slagle how is the fix coming along?

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Already filled. Just wondering if there is a fix in the meantime.

We have a fix for custom slider ranges in our staging environments; pending QA I’d expect this to be out in the next couple weeks.


@Jim will I need to do something or should the fix be applied with an update?

It is not the same bug as the slider bug… i modified first the osram driver

see here

and then the general zigbee driver for white color temp bulbs…

both work ok… ie no errors in the logs… but both DO NOT change the hue…
so the underlying white temp color control in zigbee is BROKEN…

when you hit a hue button in the test driver like daylight it sets the color directly as if called from the slider by temp. ie 6400