Webhook SmartApp - change to lifecycles and error in mobile app

I have had a couple of installed instances of Webhook SmartApps sitting around for weeks/months minding their own business and working fine. However now when I click on then on the Routines page of the Android app I get an error pop up.

No network Connection
Couldn’t find any available networks.

After the error a spurious ‘SmartThings’ header can be seen overlaying the Routine tiles as if something has crashed out inelegantly.

Now I realise that this is probably something of a generic error and I’ve encountered it, or something similar, in the past when my app installation is PENDING because of a scope mismatch, but these are apps that are installed fine and still running perfectly correctly.

Everything is perfectly OK from the Discover menu.

I have only seen this issue since the Android app was updated. However as the apps were running fine I haven’t clicked on the tiles for a while so that might not be significant.

While playing around to fix that problem I deleted one of the installed apps a couple of times and noticed that my UPDATE lifecycle code isn’t being run on installation. Now it would make sense if the INSTALL lifecycle ran the first time and the UPDATE lifecycle ran from then on, but that is not how it has worked for the last four to five years. Both INSTALL and UPDATE have run when the installed instance was created. I do notice that at least one of the example apps in the repository has the install lifecycle handler call the code for the update lifecycle and I have never understood why because it would just call the same code twice. Not now it seems.

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