Why might I get 'Network Error' when trying to load the Page 1 of the Smart App I'm Developing?

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Using the new platform, I’m developing my first smart app with a webhook endpoint. On trying to install the app, the configuration event completes successfully for the initialize phase, and appears (in live logging) to complete the page phase for my single configuration page correctly also.

On my phone, however, the app waits for some time on processing, then appears to try to load the first page (something starts to animate from the bottom of the screen), then fails with “We’re having trouble connecting. Check your network connection and try again.”

The phone is an old Galaxy Note 8 that I use for testing. It’s connected to the same wifi network as the hub, which is an older 2015 model. I have a number of devices connected to the hub, including a motion sensor, which is the only device I’m currently trying to configure for the smart app.

I’m getting all HTTP.200 in live logging. The page response I’m sending looks like this:
“configurationData”: {
“page”: {
“pageId”: “1”,
“name”: “Amba Health and Care App”,
“nextPageId”: null,
“previousPageId”: null,
“complete”: true,
“sections”: [
“name”: “Monitor Movement”,
“settings”: [
“id”: “motionSensor”,
“name”: “Which motion sensor?”,
“description”: “Tap to set”,
“type”: “DEVICE”,
“required”: true,
“multiple”: false,
“capabilities”: [
“permissions”: [

In the smart things app on my phone, there is a single motion sensor connected, and it appears to be working correctly (detecting motion/no motion, temperature, &c.)

What am I missing here? Where can I look outside live logging to trace the error? Are there phone logs I can check? Why would all other connectivity be OK, but the page configuration failing? I realise the underlying issue might not actually be connectivity: but how do I debug this?

Many thanks in advance for all responses.

Just to add: if I configure the Page with only a Boolean field, then it works correctly. As soon as I add any device, singly or with others (I have motion, contact, presence, and smart plug), I get the network error. It’s as if none of my devices has its capabilities registered (have I missed a step somewhere?)

“capabilities”: [ “motionSensor” ],

Apart from that nothing leaps out.


Hello @Data_Catalyst,

As @orangebucket mentioned, the capability ID must be “motionSensor”, “motion” is the attribute where the current value of the capability is set, you can refer to this document for more details, such as the possible values that correspond to the events of the subscriptions.

If you still have issues, would you please share your SmartApp definition? So we can try to help you find the error cause.

If one of the previous posts answered your question, can you please mark it as solved? If not, let me know what’s going on and I can dig in further.

Note: I noticed that you created a duplicate of this post in the SmartApps & Automations section. In order to avoid duplicate cases, could you please close it? We can continue the conversation in this thread.


As simple as that… Many thanks.

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