Webcore / Zooz 4 in 1 Motion Sensor Not Detecting motion

I have a zooz ZSEw9 V2 that I am trying to get to work with webcore. I have lighting automations that I am using with webcore that use aeotech motion sensors that work fine, and am using the same piston.
The motion sensor does show and detect motion, and also the motion is logged in IDE, but when doing full logging in the piston, nothing ever triggers even though I see the motion activated in the app and IDE. Using the latest webcore.

you may want to post a copy of the piston. click on the green camera above the piston to create an image of it

I ended up getting it working, thank you for the quick reply… I copied the non working piston, changed the motion detector to a different one to trigger the motion in webcore, which worked, then flipped it back to the original sensor… not sure why that worked, unless I had something wrong, but anyway, working now, thanks.