Webcore Motion Lights Issue

Is anyone else having issues with their webcore motion lights turning off because the piston doesn’t reset on new motion?

I know with the old CoRE there was a race condition that could be created between the piston and the motion sensor, but I never saw issues as frequently as I do with webcore.

It seems like an IF MOTION ELSE DELAY OFF piston doesn’t reset on new motion that occurs between the ELSE and OFF.

Nope, didn’t change the default cancellation policy, but your comment released the brainfart of what I DID change.

I refactored it months ago to an IF Motion State Changes THEN SWITCH(Motion State). Evidently pistons don’t like this and it leads to some pretty funky control behavior vs an IF-THEN-ELSE. Being at home for the holidays is just exposing the issues.

Trying to get a bit too creative. Reverting back to IF-THEN-ELSE.



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So @anon36505037 was kinda like a laxative for you?

Okay, so reverting to the IF-THEN-ELSE actually did not work.

I actually removed my “changes to” and went with an “is” comparison structure. That fixed it. Now I have to figure out what borked the old code which used to work properly.

Ref: https://community.webcore.co/t/motion-sensor-not-always-firing-right/2861

Here’s the snapshot, btw. The one I was working on was gone, so I just pulled from another piston that used the piston in question as a duplicate base.

I’m guessing the problem lies in the variable usage or the manual mode trigger.

So, with y9n6, the motion trigger is removed. I’m going to add an On Event.

The really confusing thing to me is this:

  1. Motion changes to Active and piston sends a SetLevel, and the dimmer shows 2x On events.
  2. The piston then sends an Off exactly 60 seconds later, before Motion changes to Inactive.

This used to work fine, so I’m really not sure where the problem is a this point.

Things are getting worse. Webcore seems to be a bit fked up lately. Pistons are now completely missing events. Multiple motion lights setups that have been working for months are suddenly not working or frequently missing events.

I have the same issue, been updated to latest version of website, ALL the motion sensor lights piston suddenly not working. Anyone got some info regarding this issue?

Mine are fine. Are you sure it’s not a problem with your motion sensor?

Things are working fine for me with all motion sensors and all webCoRE pistons.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, the motion are detected normally in SmartThings. I can post the piston and log when I am with my machine.

Here is my piston that used to work prior to the webcore upgrade. Thanks.

Spend sometimes to investigate and realized that the lifx integration has been dropped in smartthings app. Just reauthorize and lights rules back to normal.

Thanks all.