webCoRE Wiki Thread

Hello folks,

I am trying to get a general consensus of how the wiki can be improved. I know that it is kind of a jumbled mess and mostly incomplete. What I would like to know is what I can do to help make the wiki a place that answers a lot of your questions or when followed does not leave you with questions.

I am working on documenting the features that Adrian is adding. He is a lot quicker at adding and implementing them than I am at figuring out how to break them down and explain them. So patience is key.

So with all that said, lets hear your feedback on the wiki.


if you need an assistant, let me know. I’d love to give back some to the community



I would love some assistance. Thank you. Just visit the link above and request an account to get started.

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Ok I have revamped the installation section to try and resize some images to not take up more space than necessary.

I have also reworked the main page some. Added a definitions sections. Still plenty of terms to add.

Any problems or things that are unclear that you can bring to our attention will help future users.

Your Wiki is what I used to install webCoRE (before your changes) and I had absolutely zero problems. I also loved the video. It was extremely useful in showing the capabilities of the editor.

I have programmed in BASIC and have been using oldCoRE (I guess that what you would call it) for awhile now so the transition was not difficult at all. The ability to write pistons on my laptop and not my phone is a godsend. It is so much faster and easier on my old eyes. I have only wrote a few pistons so far to try and control a 2nd harmony hub using the google home and it was a pleasure to use.

I will be moving into a new residence within the next few months and will then make extensive use of webCoRE. Over the years, my current installation has become very fragmented and the new home will be a great time to re-write the entire home automation. I was also considering upgrading to the V2 hub but still can’t justify the change.

Being that I can backup all of my pistons, I am going to try and use webCoRE for as much of my new automations as possible. I imagine that the V1 hub will give up the ghost at some point so the backup will come in handy.

I truly appreciate ALL OF THE HARD WORK that everyone has done. Without ady writing webCoRE, you documenting it and others sharing their webCoRE pistons, home automation on Smartthings would be much more difficult.

Thanks again!


Ok I have added a section of creating a simple piston. Will use this as a way of describing in more detail some of the sections you come across on the different pages.

Wiki Weather Icons Ok everyone there is a new section that has just been added to the Weather. Weather Icons!! You are now able to add icons into your pistons utilizing the same Weather Underground icons. Several to choose from as well! Check it out

@anon36505037 @ahndee @elf might want to check out the different styles of icons available.


Friends in high places (they use them on their site)


Yea I know there is the v1-4 but like you mentioned there is no documentation. Maybe when I get time I’ll try to snag all the images to setup something so they I can display them on the wiki

That would be awesome! Thank you

I’m pretty sure you won’t need the first two anyways where you’re living :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Apologies if this already exists somewhere in the wiki: I think a basic overview of logic flow in a piston would help me and others to understand / diagnose our own issues and reduce some of the traffic in the “assistance” thread.

e.g. Events arrive at a piston - how are they prioritized for processing? How do they “flow” through the various conditions? How long are they valid? What causes them to become invalid? How might various events invalidate each other? How does timing affect events?

Hopefully this makes sense.

I’ve read the wiki and thousands of posts in the various webCoRE threads; I’ve been trying to piece together an understanding of how this flow works, but as soon as I think I have a handle on it an example pops up that contradicts what I think I understand.

The 2nd one doesn’t make sense to me, no matter where you’re at, LOL


I assume if you live above the arctic circle you could have those…

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You just beat my now-abandoned update to my post … hehe


I plan on basing several other areas off of the create your first piston example. But will definitely add this in there. Thank you

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I hope I’m not the only one who read this in Darth Vader voice…


Solar eclipse, mate, solar eclipse.


@c1arkbar @anon36505037

I know this is basic information, but is there a definition page of all the “Triggers” such as “changes”, “changes to”, etc. I know they are self explanatory, but they since they are all so close, it would be helpful for us newbies so we know exactly what each trigger will do.

Also, from watching the “Piston Design Help” page, some information and instructions on how “waits” and “times” work might help a lot of people as well (myself included). There seems to be a lot of questions and issues with these types of pistons.



Could links to other sections be added to the left side as a suggestion for the wiki as a suggestion?

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