webCoRe Time Incorrect

I’ve noticed that “datetime$localNow” in webCoRE is showing as 1 hour ahead. Currently it’s 21:18 but $localNow is showing 22:18:00

Is there a way to change this? As I think the logic is using this for getting the time to change modes etc. Or am i wrong as “datetime” $utc is showing the correct time…

Help please and thank you in advance.

Any ideas? :slight_smile:

Mine is the same but the triggers do go off at the correct time.
Perhaps that is the GMT time and because your hub knows your location then your UTC time will be correct.
Perhaps you could elaborate @ady624.

I have explained this several times before. All times in webCoRE are timestamps, the number of milliseconds since I don’t know, Jan 1st 1970 or so. Also, that millisecond count is in UTC. You can use them as numbers, say divided by 1000 and then modulo 86400 gives you today’s time as h3600 + m60 + s. The $localNow is intentionally adjusted so that the formula above is correct with regards to the local h:m:s which is why it seems to be off by some time which happens to be the offset, in milliseconds. When displayed as a string (which is what you usually see), the timestamp is automatically adjusted for timezone offset, causing the $localNow to be adjusted twice, hence the apparent error. It is, however, intentional. Please use $now, it will work as you expect it :wink:

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