Webcore succefully installed but cannot build piston

after deleting my core pistons because i was unable to rebuild or edit them i installed webcore which seemed to be successful from ide to classic app. however on my cell phone and laptop when i go to “build piston blank” i put my author name in and name the piston but once i click create it just sits there and does nothing. ive tried all three browsers i have and my phone. is there something im missing.

Did you install all 4 apps for webCoRE in IDE including the storage app?

Yes i installed all four in n the order specified. I enabled oath and published. I am able to go into the app, install webcore, authorize browser. Every thing seems good untill i click the grey build a blank piston. Once i click it it goes nowhere. I am going to uninstall and reinstall tonight. Same thjng happens on my phone or laptop and on different browsers. Thanks for your feedback ive been away from my eco system for 6 months and its all off so im gonna try and consolidate my apps through webcore