Webcore sends SMS for each of my windows open, but I only want one SMS

I’m using Webcore to add my open windows to a variable, if any of them stays open for 10 minutes, then if either one of them’s contact is open (still), then log them to the variable and send an SMS with the the names of the ones that are open.
BUT it gives me 3 SMS’s if alle 3 windows are open. How do I narrow it down to 1 SMS with information about which ones are open.
I have added an image of my piston, which is put together by other pistons I’ve, as I’m a rookie.

I like this example piston for doors which can be modified for windows since it is based on the contact sensor.

Thanks. That is a lot!
Would have hoped for a simpler solution. But then again - I can try this one :slight_smile:

Head over to the webcore forum. There are lots of example pistons you can look at. Also a good place to post any piston questions. Several users over there who enjoy helping others create pistons.

Thanks :slight_smile: