Copy Door Open and Variables

I have a piston that sends me an SMS message when one of ten doors open. I don’t know which door is opening, since I cannot get variables to pass to the SMS alert. So all I get is “A Door has been opened” If you know how to pass variables to an SMS message that solves my issue.

That said, I need to copy my Piston so that I have ten of them, one for each door. Is there an easy way to copy a piston, then I can just change the trigger and the SMS message for each of the doors.

Thanks, Scott

Pass the variable $currentEventDevice to the SMS, that would be the door that triggered the event.

I typed in A door has been opened $currentEventDevice and got that texted to me.

Do I have to enclose in some kind of brackets, like {$currentEventDevice}

When I do that, it comes back with A door has been opened time

When I press the Simulate button

Enclose in curly brackets if you’re using a value field. Pressing test will not give you the expected result, you can create a virtual contact device and use that in your pistonfor testing, or simply open one of the doors if accessible.

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Thank you so much for the help. Works like a champ!

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