WebCore Piston Run Only Once?

I’ve been using Echo Speaks to announce when certain people arrive at my house. I’ll include one of the examples below. I have conditions set so that if a certain person’s presence changes to home and a contact sensor (door) changes then the echo dot announces their presence. However, the echo announces every time the door opens and closes for about 3minutes… My wife is not amused. We have 3 children who tend to run in and out of the door to the garage to the car after they arrive home.

Ideally, someone could offer some sort of logic condition that would let this piston run once, and then pause the whole thing for about 10min. I am not schooled enough in webcore to know what to do there.

Search the Echo Speak examples thread. There are a couple of examples for your user case in there. They involve using variables to run once.

Thanks for that suggestion, and the link to the Echo Speaks examples - I had not seen that.

I had a variable setup called “occupancy” that is based on the presence of my presence sensors. So I just have one of my if conditions be if the “occupancy” changes. I’m going to test this to see how it works…