Smart Things & Echo Speaks / Repeat announcements

Good morning all. Just posting to see if anyone can assist or help me find an alternate solution.

I was using Smartthings with Echo Speaks to monitor several door contacts. Im just looking for what seems to be some simple functionality which I had working perfectly up until September 8 when Echo Speaks was shut down.

Basically I would like to monitor door contacts and have Alexa Announce “Close Front Door” after the contact has been open for xx seconds and continue to announce every xx seconds until the contact is closed.

I was using this for my mother who has dementia and it was absolutely perfect. I understand this can be accomplished with Alexa routines however from what I can tell Alexa routines do not allow “repeat until” notifications.

Please excuse me if this has already been addressed several times there is alot to sort through. Does anyone know any other simple options using An echo dot and smart things? I understand there is supposed to be a new release of echo speaks that is supposed to have some limited functionality which I havent seen yet.


You can do this via webCoRE and the voicemonkey skill for Alexa.

You’d use a webCoRE piston to detect the door open for xx seconds and then have the action be the web request to play your message. You can use a while condition in the piston to get the “repeat until” feature.

Great thank you for the info. Im not too familiar with Webcore but I will dive in and see how much of a mess I can make. :slight_smile:

@jlv This is perfect! Exactly what I was looking for as well. I have a piston that monitors the door contact and used to tell AlexaSpeaks to announce it.

I have enabled voice monkey, but i am missing the piece where webCoRE knows about voice monkey. webCoRE only knows about ST objects, and I dont see where integrate monkeys into ST.
You wouldn’t happen to have an example handy?

You just tell webCoRE to make a web request to the voicemonkey URL. See the screen snapshot of the piston portion in the first post here (“Add a new task”):

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Finally got around to giving this a shot. For the sake of simplicity and my limited beginner code skills I decided to just create a separate piston for each contact since I only need 3. It seems to be working as intended but was hoping maybe you can take a quick look and provide any input and let me know if there is anything I did incorrectly or should be doing differently. I appreciate your help!