Webcore Pistions Won't Automatically Run


I have a question related to this part

If door is open
Wait 2 minutes
Do blah

If the door opened then closes within the 2 min wait period does the DO part execute or does it execute only if the door remains open for at least 2 mins?

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Thanks Nezmo, that was a question that came to mind but I kept it simple just to ensure I could get all the moving parts right.

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Only if it stays open

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Honestly guys I can’t thank you all enough. Forums are usually an approach with caution zone but this has been a really positive experience.

I’ll try tinkering with another version just because its all a learning process for me.

I’m stepping out in a bit so the other scenarios that deal with arrival and being absent should be tested. I’ll let you guys know how it works out. (PS its hot as hell today so no worries about temps rises)

Thanks again.

Also, if you set it up like this:

Because all of the events are both triggers and conditions, it doesn’t require that they all happen at the same time but should require that the others be true for the first statement turning it on (i used a light for convenience). The second statement should turn off the AC if any of the three conditions are met. This should work for what the OP is trying to accomplish, right?

For a basic On/Off yes but the OP had specific conditions such as:

So putting in the specifics for each scenario, it is hard to group them. In the end, I believe the OP has a good handle on things now and has a strong base for creating future Pistons!

As always, you are a great help.

Sorry, but I figured the details were not needed for the example. But instead of saying “is present” you could use “was present” and set the time frame. I figured you all could make that connection yourselves.

My point is, you can accomplish the exact same function without having to cover every permutation manually. Which when you start adding more conditions becomes completely unmanageable. Think about the size of this sketch if you added one additional condition, say a contact sensor on another window. Your piston would be come complete gigantic. Where, with the one I proposed, you would just have to add two conditions and done.

Totally get what you are saying. I try as much as possible to use as little logic as possible and try my best not to make gigantic Pistons that has a bunch of redundancy.

Of course there are multiple ways to approach building Pistons. The more you use webCoRE, the more it all starts making sense.

Below is a Piston that I used for my bathroom. It’s pretty simple but to some it might seem like a lot.

In Hubitat using Rule Machine, I needed a Virtual Switch and 4 additional rules to accomplish the same thing. Turn On/Off Light and Fan based on certain Triggers and Conditions.


I am happy to report that the piston is behaving as expected for all conditions. When I left home, it turned off and when I got back home to the security gate it turned back on.

When I opened the door and closed it, the thermostat did beep, I assumed it was simply executing the part that controls “if I’m home and temps are over x and the door closes”. (I’m not even complaining about that, just letting you guys know the behaviors).

So to everyone thanks a mill. I will try playing with a different version where I group the triggers that shut off the AC.

Thanks once more :+1:


Right on! :grimacing: