WebCore speed

hi, I created a piston in WebCore that simply turns off a zwave switch as soon as it gets turned on. The switch has a physical on/off button and when I press it, it gets turned off almost immediately. However when I turn on the switch from within the smartthings app, it takes almost 2 full seconds before the switch is turned off. I traced both scenarios in the WebCore dashboard and I get total execution time of 75ms (physical button) vs 1954ms (smartthings app) Does anyone have an idea why this is and how to fix it (=also turn of right away when turning on from within the app)?


  • brand of switch?
  • using custom device handler or stock device handler?
  • post an image of your piston

Thanks for your reply!

*brand of switch : brandless (chinese see pic)

Which app are you using? Have you tried both the new SmartThings app and classic app?

I tried both apps, same behavior

I suspect that your differences are the result of internet latency that smartthings experiences.

Physical switch actions general execute an immediate report from what I’ve read. a remote action may turn it on then the remote device delays responding it reacted would be my guess.