webCoRE Mode Changes From AND To buggy

Hey, I am working on lights turning on in my house when my mode changes to Home. But since in SmartThings “Good Morning” and “Hello” does the same thing (changing my mode to Home) I need to specify what it went from. So if I am waking up my mode is changing away from Away and when I am waking up my mode changes away from Night.

I tried the Piston below but it works 1 out of 10 times. Anyone have any idea why?

I would think some sort of race condition is going on for the 2 triggers. It may be doing the second condition before the first.
Perhaps try
Location mode changes from Night
Location Mode Changes to Home in the last 10 seconds

Might be a better way of doing it.

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I’ll try that. For now I just removed “changes to” and only use “changing from” since that will work for this for now.

I’ll post a reply once I’ll try your recipe and let you know if that worked better.

separate the 2 conditions

  • if location is Night
    – then
    — * if location changes to Home
    — * then

also, please visit the webCoRE community forums for the best resources for all things webCoRE

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