Audio file playback on SmartThings event?

Dear all,

Does anyone know of a way to play short audio clips upon a SmartThings event?

I have searched the forum for this many times but haven’t ever reached a conclusion.

Devices at my disposal for this:

  • Android 4 phone
  • Tasker for Android
  • Speaker
  • Amplifier with Speaker wire output (I can connect the above Passive Speaker to) and 3.5mm and 2 x phono inputs
  • Raspberry Pi (various versions)

Any ideas would be welcome, I feel like this should be easy.

I use webcore for lots of that. But the learning curve may be steeper than you desire.

…lets hear it

I have Kodi installed on a RPi 3b+. I use Kodi for all of my home audio/music. I have a USB thumb drive with 8,000 mp3 files connected to it. The RPi is connected to my whole home AV controller.
I have an audio mp3 file in that collection that is an announcement message. Using webcore, I can announce that someone is in the driveway with an API call to Kodi

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Brilliant, that’s the kind of thing I wanted to hear. I’m certain there should be an easier way to do this but I’m experienced with Kodi and have a spare pi, so I’ll have a crack at this.

A tangent but Curious what you mean by “whole home av controller” ? Have you created a DIY multi room audio and video system ?

I have a Russound whole home audio system with ceiling speakers throughout my house.

Edit : So I can use webcore to play audio files at all or individual locations within my home by selecting which speaker group I want to use. My Russound AV controller is integrated with webcore so that I can choose which speakers, source (bluetooth, radio, streaming, Kodi, internet, cable box, etc.), and volume and play music in selected locations in my home. Or play in all locations (ie. party mode). Many use Bose and other wired/wireless systems to do the same. I can also use any of my Echo devices to do the same. The options with SmartThings and webcore are nearly limitless. But it does take a bit of setup and troubleshooting to get it working correctly.

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