webCoRE dashboard smartapp needed?

I was browsing my live logging yesterday and noticed repeated error/warning messages coming from webCoRE about installing the webCoRE storage smartapp. So I included that from the github repo and published it, and the warnings seem to have stopped. However, I noticed that there was a dashboard smartapp on the repo as well. Is this something that I should install? I manage my pistons through the webcore.co dashboard, so I’m not really clear on what this smartapp is for?

That is an optional smartapp that facilitates live updates for a future feature called Visor. There is currently a “go to dashboard” link on the dashboard but that will be replaced soon. It will also most likely be a paid feature.

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Thanks, I won’t worry about that one then!

Is this going to be like ActionTiles?

I have never seen ActionTiles in action, but yes, while it is not trying to replace ActionTiles, it will overlap some of its uses. It is a different take on the same subject.