[DEPRECATED Thread: visit community.webcore.co for assistance] webCoRE - Piston Design Help (ask your fellow members for assistance)

If you’re on Chrome, open the dashboard, then hit F12 to open the developer console. Then right click on the Refresh button and click Empty Cache and Hard Reload

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In Firefox, it’s also Ctrl + Refresh. That resolved the issue.
Thanks Chris.

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Change my hallway lightning from Smart Lightning app to webCoRE.

Doesn’t function properly. Even though I am in the hallway, the lights turn off. I’ve seen in the app that the Fibaro motion sensor still shows “Motion”.

I want it to turn of the lights 60 seconds after the motion sensor is set to no motion.

What am I doing wrong?

You don’t need the “changes away from active” for the “stays” to work. Delete “changes away from” and it should turn off the lights after 60 seconds of sensor inactivity.

Hi all, I have a Sansung R Lite speaker that I use to play notifications for certain events (doors being left open etc…) I have been trying to set up some webcore pistons to do this and don’t seem to be able to control the volume that the speaker plays at all.

I created the piston below to test some different commands (playTrackVolume, setLevel, etc…) but nothing seems to make a difference to the volume when I execute it.

Is there something incredibly obvious that I am overlooking?

Try tileSetLevel()
You’ll need to enter a parameter for the volume level.
Works well with my R1

In the Speak Text and resume command, there’s an optional volume setting. That’s what I finally did to get it to work. I think either that or what @inpier said would work.

Alternately, you can remove the conditional and pause/resume this piston from another piston when the mode changes.

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What about a While statement?

While Location mode is Home
Wait 1 minute
Refresh Device

Wouldn’t that do the same thing you’re trying to do here?

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How Do I do this in Webcore?

{$currentEventDevice} is now {$currentEventValue}

The above worked in core,

It’s not working with Webcore

Ok, so based off an example piston someone posted, I came up with the piston below, but it keeps cutting off the message. I’m using the periods as a guess about making the text pause for a moment, but that may be part of the problem too. I got almost all the message today but it cut off after “Alarm status”. I didn’t get the word is or the status. Any advice would be appreciated.

It’s working now. I didn’t change anything. All I did was exit web core. I was getting a weird message when I tested it in Webcore.

It was saying “my address” is now “date and time”.

But when I exited Webcore, the notification came through correctly-- the “garage door” is now “closed”.

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I think a simple question: what is the syntax for a Switch-Case for GE variable, e.g.

Case >= hiTemp

I’ve tried an expression of form {>=hiTemp} and >={hiTemp}. Can seem to stumble upon the right formulation.Thx.

switch only allows exact values or ranges.

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If you want a greater than or equal to, you just need to use a between with a really high limit on the top end (see Case 78 to 999 below)

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Thanks @ady624 & @destructure00. I’m also using for a fan, so I’m going to incorporate your piston state logic as well.

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This is what the state looks like. Fan speed is color coded too when it’s running

can someone tell me why the temperatures have question marks after them?

It’s a bug in the UI. Not a bug really, it’s supposed to replace the ? with the temperature scale and it doesn’t. Will fix it soon

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need help please…

trying to get this to work correctly. right now if I open one of the contacts, it starts a five minute countdown. but 30 seconds later, if I open another one, it won’t start counting that one down until the first one hits five minutes. Then it will start counting down the second one.

any suggestions?