WebCore and Samsung Washer not available to add device

I have a Samsung Washer and Dryer and I have successfully added them to Smartthings. All of the activity is showing up in Smartthings app. However, I cannot add the device to Webcore. I have looked through all of the categories and it does not show up anywhere in the add devices section of Webcore. Is there something I need to do to the DTH to allow Webcore to add the device?

In the available devices, did you look under select devices by capability in group 1-3?

In order to add the device to webCoRE, there has to be overlap between the capabilities supported by the device and the capabilities known to webCoRE. It rather sounds like there isn’t.

If there were a DTH, then adding the ‘Sensor’ attribute ought to suffice, but I can imagine there might well not be one if it is a newer integration. The opposite approach would be to add the capability to webCoRE, though I’ve never tried that out.