Web request and unstable system


I have many (wifi) switches Shelly that I manage with my pistons in ST.

One month ago I read there is the possibility to turn on/off the switches by web request and so I changed all my piston with the new instructions (you can see one example).

I was happy, because I removed switches from Shelly cloud and the speed of activation was better …

But sometimes I had strange behavior … piston did not start or if started did not perform all the instructions, semaphore very often; sometimes I had piston that repeated the instructions twice, but totally random …

I noticed that in the morning the automation works fine, but during the day deterioration was evident …

Yesterday I removed all web request and I come back to the “classic” instruction tun on, turn off and is since yesterday that I have no problem, everything work well, very well.

It’s possible that all the web request made my system unstable ?

Is my web request wrong ? (GET is correct ?)


You may also want to post on the webCoRE community forum. There are some users over there who enjoy assisting others with their pistons :slight_smile:

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