RESOLVED: Is webCoRE Currently Degraded/Nonfunctional due to SmartThings' Degraded Status?

Is webCoRE Currently Degraded/Nonfunctional due to SmartThings’ current Degraded Status?

It is working for me

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This situation was resolved by a bunch of hand-holding from a few people here, but over on the webCoRE forum.

As it turned out, and as I suspected, it probably had nothing at all to do with the outage/degraded service level here at ST, but was due to my own stupidity in creating Pistons that are WAY TOO BIG. lol

Thanks again, ALL. :slight_smile:

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It’s SO TEMPTING to write big, elaborate webcore pistons, isn’t it !?! As with any programming language, each line of code can add a complexity of debugging problems. I often encourage webcore programmers to write small, TASK SPECIFIC pistons. Debugging is much easier that way. And community help is more abundant when pistons are smaller and easier to debug. THEN, one can combine smaller pistons into larger projects as needed.


Well put. Best practices like this apply elsewhere too (as you so aptly noted)!

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Yes. This totally makes sense.

So, is it true then that I should totally get the idea of each new piston adding overhead (just by being another child app with it’s own headers, etc) to the system out of my head?

Short answer, yes. Webcore/ST servers/your brain can easily handle multiple smaller pistons that execute correctly. As pistons get more complex, so do the complications, such as infinite loops. Now those can put a strain on the servers (and your brain). :slight_smile:

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Well, in that case, even though I don’t have many more that are quite as complex (or as large) as the ones that caused this situation, I definitely have some work to do. lol

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