Web Interface tile?

I’ve not found a true Q&A forum, and it seems questions are scattered between devices and smartapp forums so forgive me if this has been asked before.

Is there a webtile? I really would like to see a webcam url, or a url to my alarm system, or anything via http/https in a tile on ST. I could make it a 3x3 or 4x4 tile, and manage my device.

At this time it seems ST doesn’t actually manage other devices unless you spend hours and hours coding API, or you buy a ST device that is plug and play z-wave. The problem is most users already have wifi devices around the home, and are just looking for a one stop shop for management.

This is about the best option we currently have. ActiON Dashboard 4.6.3 is here! (Now SmartTiles.click)
Install is pretty straight forward and Alex has been great at answering questions.

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that is amazing, thank you!

Another dashboard (thats a bit more involved to setup) but seems to be a bit more customizable is the HA Dashboard.

I use both for different things and both are amazing in their own ways.