I just want to control several (dimming) devices from a single screen

Hi all, I previously posted on another thread, but with a load of different questions - I’m thinking that this might be a better place to post a specific question I have.

I’m new to ST and only have a hub and a single device controlled by it at the moment.

What is crucial to me (and surely many other HA enthusiasts) is to be able to control multiple z-wave dimmers from a single screen instead of tapping backwards and forwards through the ST app.

Primarily, I want to control different sets of lights (on different devices) from a single scree - that included dimming. Something that might look like the below…

Is this possible?

I would suggest SmartTiles.click it gives you 5 different pages you can create and do what you want


Ah yes, SmartTiles seems to be what I’m after - so thanks for the reply!

It’s an impressive interface. However, on opening the ST App, I still need to click too many times to access the SmartTiles Dashboard. (My Home>SmartApps>Smarttiles>Smarttiles Dashboard>Select Dashboard>View Dashboard>Dashboard!!!)

Respect to the creators of Smarttiles - but accessing it via the ST App is painful (unless I’m missing something obvious - more than likely!)

I can’t understand why the native ST App does not include such an interface. Surely this is a must for controlling your whole house?

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With SmartTiles, once you set it up, you need to grab the URL and you can bookmark it in your browser. ST Allows you to group your devices into rooms. The downside with this is you can only put each device into a single room. You could put all your lights into a “light” room and control them from there, though you’d get on/off from there, you’d still have to go into the device if you want to dim it.

If you’re running on android another option is sharp tools, which gives you additional tools


Ah yes, I knew I was missing something! The URL option in a browser is a solution.

Thanks again :+1:

I’d like to see something similar implemented in the native app though.

@jakl2001, I use Trend Setter by Chris Kitch. This allows me to group my Hues into one device through the app.

A quick search should find it on the forums



I’d like this too and in my case I’d like it to be a standalone device about the size of an iPad that is dedicated to that task. i’d just like to have it for an overview status of things. I really don’t like using my phone or iPad for that purpose. Pull the phone out, open ST, scroll around to see everything…I’m not a fan of that. Not a big deal, just nice to have the big picture at a glance when I’m home.

You can create exactly the same dashboard easily with http://www.thehomeremote.com it is a very very good solution with ST and is a native multi platform app. And you can also add in voice control easily

Looks good! Apparently not much use if you have a Mac though (the Designer can only be used with Windows) :frowning:

ah well i am surprised as a mac user you aren’t running parallels or vmware fusion for exactly this reason, i could not cope without when i use my mac

Routines and widgets may also work:

I’m looking for the same functionality - to be able to control multiple devices from a single screen (the ST app doesn’t support doing this with dimming functionality)

Not sure widgets for Routines fulfils this requirement at all, but thanks for highlighting this as I wasn’t aware of this functionality - and I’m sure it has its uses.

So far, for me, SmartTiles seems the best solution.

Once I find my ‘emergency Windows laptop’, I intend having a play with TheHomeRemote