WeatherUnderground PWS App and Indoor Data

I’m using the app that pulls data from a PWS through the WU feed into SmartThings. However, on my Davis VP2, I am sending indoor temp/humidity data to WU. Is there a way to display indoor data from a PWS using this app (or modify it so it can)? That would allow my VP2 to act as an additional indoor temp/humidity sensor I could track in SmartThings.


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Sorry I don’t have anything helpful…just wanted to say how jealous I am that you have a Davis weatherstation! Those things are awesome. I’m not super happy with my Acurite 5 in 1, but for only being $80 at Costco it will get me through.

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This is also my third model. Owned a “classic” VP years ago, replaced it with a VP2 in GA, then bought another VP2 when moving back here. This model has the Plus sensors and 24/7 fan shield (my classic VP was fan shielded as well). I work for WeatherBug overseeing their PWS network, so it’s the reason I own a top of the line VP2 for tech support purposes (and the fact that it is so fun). I also own a Netatmo so I can track CO2 in my house and to have an extra sensor for SmartThings.

Just to make you even more jealous: I also own one of our WeatherBug Professional HD Cam’s (it’s a Sony HD network camera), GR3 and 2Analyst and GR Earth with AllisonHouse subscriptions running them, our WeatherBug StreamerRT in house lightning tracking application, and I power my network on Cisco small business grade routers and switches. So when it comes to weather monitoring, I have all the luxuries. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot! Even more jealous now… That is very cool!