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Weather API Changes

(JIm) #63

I thought I scrolled all the way down, but guess not. Thanks for pointing it out. Just wjat I wanted.

(Tim) #64

When you get a moment can you post a screencap of the setting page? Maybe I am not structuring the input correctly.

(Neil Oakley) #65



(Mark C) #66

Are these metric or impiral values??
for rain ?
wind speed?

(Brad) #67

The units are based on your location’s temperature scale, Fahrenheit or Celsius.

(Mark C) #68

what about distance units?

(PPO16) #69

@Brad_ST could you guys enrich the json with the units, even as an additional set of values so that we know directly what is provided?
Some of us don’t use the local units of the station.

Also, can you confirm what subscription you are providing? It seems anove the basic package of the Weathe Company, it is posible to query the PWS or specific WS but as per your documentation you don’t provide it. This is a big gap in term of feature versus WeatherUnderground. Some users like to use a specific WS for better accuracy.

Thanks a lot

(Mike Penda) #70

Not sure if this is helpful to any of you or not, but if you have a PWS by Ambient, there’s another way to get your data into ST. Ambient provides an API and there’s an app by Kurt Sanders which works quite well.

(Andy Moyer) #71

I’m seeing wrong information for my zipcode using the SmartThings Weather Station tile, improved from seeing wrong locations and the use of “null” in the name. Are there continued problems despite the fixes added the other week or am I not doing something correctly?


(Kurt Sanders) #72

Thanks for the STAmbientWeather plug, @mpenda.

I just released an update last night for V3.02, and now I’m working on the converting this app from WU -> TWC for local weather forecasts and alerts displayed in the same Ambient Weather Station Tile.

Next, I plan to modify the DTH “SmartWeather Station Tile” for Ambient weather station users so they can see their Ambient weather data in an ActionTiles Weather tile.

(Barry) #73

WARNING: I have found that SmartThings “replacement” code for TWC no longer handles some (all?) Canadian postal codes.

This means that functions like getSunriseAndSunset() and even the new getTwcXXXXX() functions will fail if a non-US zip code is specified. Generally, it is now best to leave the location field blank so that it uses the Lat/Lon for the hub, which in turn requires users to actually set their location via their mobile device.

(Eric Anderson) #74

Thank you Kurt, your app convinced me to abandon virtual weather station software, and the native SmartThings weather app; and switch over to ambient weather meteobridge hub. Everything works great and now I have up to date weather data showing up in my SmartThings app.
I’ve also created a core pistons to switch my thermostats over to heat or cooling based on out side temp, I don’t like auto, as I don’t need a constant narrow temperature inside.

(Neil Oakley) #75

Am I the ONLY one that hasn’t had any issues? ST Weather Tiles 1.0 and 2.0 both work fine for me, and using my own pws: ID

(Brian) #76

Are you 100% sure it’s still working? Mine showed it was refreshing but the data was clearly not updating. I had to switch back to zip code to fix it.

(Dominick Barile) #77

I thought this was suppose to work on the new app? It works fine in classic but its stuck at checking status on the new one. If this is not meant for the new app what can I use that works in both. I need the nee app to put together a heating schedule change that I cant do in the old app. Any help is appreciated.

(Neil Oakley) #78

Yup - positive.

(Brian) #79

Interesting…so that’s not the same handler I’m using - mine is Smartweather Station Tile, which if I remember correctly was the only one ActionTiles actually supports?

(Neil Oakley) #80

SmartWeather Station Tile 2.0 works fine with ActionTiles. Never had any issues and I’ve always used a PWS ID.

(Eric Anderson) #81

Kurt, any idea if or when your app will support the new Samsung app? Not that I use it, but I’m sure we will be forced over to it at some point.

(Kurt Sanders) #82


Just released STAmbientWeather v3.05 last night, which does exactly that! Time to upgrade your version and see your Ambient Weather in the cool ActionTiles™ weather tile!

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Ambient Weather Station ActionTiles™ Integration