We Live In The Future

I walked through my bedroom today like most days and I just murmured, “Alexa, Turn on the lights in the computer room”, and the lights came on. I have performed this task so many times that it has become commonplace for me and I never even think about it. But today, things were a little bit different. I was speaking with my father on the phone and after the call I had an epiphany. My dad just turned 77. He does have SmartThings in his home, but I take care of it for him and things just happen automatically. This was my epiphany. My dad did not even have electricity until he was ten years old.

###How mind boggling is that?

After the call I just had to sit and think about what a crazy scenario talking to my house is and how fast it got here relative to my dad not even having electricity. My dad has an Amazon Echo too and I had to call him back and just ask him what it feels like. He said it feels like he lives in the future. My dad has most of his lights automated so his Echo is used for playing Patsy Cline and getting the weather forecast.


@jody.albritton Love that story!! just purchased Alexa for my mom for a Christmas gift. She is 78. I can only hope it adds to her quality of life. I am sure the first thing she will do is figure out how to play John Denver and the weather on it, while I am trying to get lights set up for her :smile:


I know the feeling. My in-laws have had to replace their hardwood floors on their Florida vacation home because of the HVAC flooding their apartment. Last Christmas we gave them a Nest thermostat which has decreased the energy bill quite a bit. And after we called them the other day and told them we were hooking up a water sensor connected to their Nest that will shut it down as soon as there is water, their reply was: WOW

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In 1989 these seem so unreal.

condensate pan switch is more reliable if directly wired to stop the fan . No need for a powered, wireless water detector switch to implement the safety function. When the HVAC is tripped off, then temperature goes out of controlled range and the Next can notify remotely.

Wireless is fine for a backup alarm.