Wife actually requested functionality! - GE Smart Outlet

I now have somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 devices. Mostly light switches and sensors on doors and windows. The other day, for the first time, the wife made a request for functionality. She has a couple Scentsy warmers that she wanted to be able to control with Alexa. Thankfully I already had a GE smart outlet on hand that I bought for another project and was able to get one up and running pretty quick. I’m stoked that she’s actually finding it useful :smile:


Yeah! Congrats! It feels great when the spouse shows an interest in our hobby.

I shouted massive points when I set up the laundry room lights to turn on and off with the open/close of the door.
I have five smart bulbs in the kitchen that Alexa controls individually and she loves that. I told the wife that I wad going to replace those with a smart switch. She asked if she would still have control of each bulb and when I said no, she very adamantly told me to leave her kitchen alone!

It’s even gotten to the point that she uses the app quite often.

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That’s fantastic! Mine was not real happy when I put in smart bulbs and put switch locks on the wall switches. I quickly replaced those with GE Smart Switches.

I still have a dozen switches and outlets that I would like to replace.

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Yep my GF gets frustrated at the rooms that aren’t automated… she wants the lights to turn on/off automagically!


In my experience, wives slowly come to the dark side after the initial arguing. Mine requests more light switches to be changed and is my #1 bug reporter.

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I “gave” my wife a minimote programmed to control do the following with the 4 buttons:

  1. Toggle our bedside lamp
  2. Control our Bedroom Fan Speed
  3. Prep the bedroom for Bed (turn off the bathroom, turn off closet, turn off fan light, turn on bed-side lamp)
  4. Turn off everything in the house

She hasn’t complained about my “purchases” since.