My home integration nearly complete!

After a number of post-Groovy frustrations, my smart home is back in order. And in a few ways, better than before. I can largely control my older Alexa-incompatible Bravia with my voice. Same with my audio system. Alexa announces when the laundry wash or dry is done, and asks that you clear the lint screen. She also warns someone opening the dishwasher if the dishes are clean (so they don’t put dirty dishes in with a clean load). My automated locks work correctly, as does the presence sensor to unlock them when I walk up to the house.

She lets me know which garbage/refuse goes out on which day. She knows to not tell me to take out the garbage on holiday mornings (still in progress, but mostly working). The 40 year old doorbell triggers the announcement “there’s someone at the front door”. I tell her to put something on the shopping list, and there’s the list on my phone when I go to the store.

My Hue (and zigbee) lights work as desired. I tell Alexa to “turn on Christmas”, and the outdoor lights go on. The indoor tree goes on. The color-capable Hue bulbs and strips go on as programmed.

My two thermostat zones (upstairs and downstairs) never end up having AC on in one zone while heat is on in the other. ST coordinates that. The temp sensors in the window and door contact sensors contribute to thermostat function.

The fire/CO detectors are linked in, and send alerts. Alexa announces when the two-person whirlpool tub is full. Motion sensors provide security and trigger lighting schemes (such as Midnight Snack lol).

While some things are no longer integrated (Chamberlain garage opener), they are still smarter than before; in this instance I use a cheap Android ‘burner’ phone to, among other things, display the Chamberlain app to tell me whether the garage is open or closed and to control it.

Thanks to the Edge developers whose interest and work have facilitated so much of this, in particular @TAustin. Thanks as well to the rest of the Community. It’s very functional… and very cool. :sunglasses:


Very cool indeed! you set a high bar for the rest of us. :sunglasses:


Are you using Anylist for this? It’s my only automation that my wife likes! LOL I like it as well, we always have a fully stocked Kitchen and never have to do big shopping trips. If there is stuff on the list, I stop at the store on my way home and pick it up. I spent a bunch of time on this and it automatically arranges the list by aisle and I can shop in less than 20 minutes! As we use stuff up we just tell Alexa to add it to the list and it shows up on my phone completely organized.

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We use Anylist all the time in our household. Not only for groceries, but also keeping lists of movies/TV shows recommended, packing list for travel, “close up” list of tasks when planning to be away from home, To-Do lists, and so on. Highly Recommended!


Haven’t tried this for anything else, but I’m definitely going to try the TV show idea!


Apparently JD, others have a higher bar than I. lo :neutral_face: I’m an old timer with the lists. I’m still on Todoist.

I’ll have to look into Anylist! Does it have multiple stores? Does it know based on geofencing or something, and automatically guide you in that store? Does it need you to tell it the aisle configuration of your stores - or are stores preconfigured somehow?

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It has multiple stores. No geofencing, you have to setup each store manually but it’s very easy to do. I was able to Google my local grocery store and get the aisle and department info. There is a charge for it, I think it is around 4 or 5 dollars a year. Its well worth it, it saves me a huge amount of time. There is also a free version with most of the functions included.

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