Way to Trigger Bed Shaker if Smoke detector or security alarm sounds

I am hearing impaired and wear cochlear implants on both ears but remove them while sleeping. Without them I’m deaf and don’t even hear our Vista security alarm if panel is triggered. Research indicates a bed shaker is the best way to wake a sleeping person who can’t hear sirens or alarm sounds so I’d like to find some automation/routine (I have ST hub and 2 Echo Show devices in kitchen and master bedroom) or hardware solution that would trigger a bed shaker IF EITHER security system siren sounded OR the smoke/co detector outside our bedroom door sounded. I have found devices that are tuned to react to a std. smoke detector tone (T-3 designation) but not that will also react to steady security siren. Any ideas would be most welcome. Thanks

Sure, there have been other people who have done this in the past.

Instead of having it react to the security system alarm, though, you would set it to react to the same event that caused the security system alarm to go off. That’s just because that’s likely to be more reliable than an acoustic sensor for the siren itself.

Smoke alarms are a different category because in the US they have a specific tone pattern which no other devices are allowed to use. So you could have an acoustic sensor which will recognize that specific tone. But there isn’t any similar regulation for regular security alarms, so any loud sound may register as the same thing. That’s why it’s better to go back to the actual trigger event.

I’m tired today, so I’m just going to give you a link to the accessibility quick browse list, which is a list of existing forum threads on accessibility issues. You should be able to tell from the titles which ones apply to this particular project, most people are pretty specific. :sunglasses:


In the future, you can find other similar quick browse lists by checking the community-created wiki. The lists are categorized into smart apps, device handler‘s, and project reports, and usually you would be looking in project reports unless it’s something for a specific device.


@JDRoberts you must be tired if you haven’t recommended against relying on ST for safety-critical functions!

Thanks so much. I’ll take a look at the links!

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One other thing I wanted to mention is I would think very hard about tying any security device to an active Internet requirement, including a bed shaker. Which is what you will do if you are relying on either echo or smartthings. If you just want it as an additional convenience notification, that’s fine, but it shouldn’t be your primary alert method.

If you are a light sleeper, investing in a smart watch with vibration alerts that you can sleep in might be yet another alternative. I know several people who have two Apple watches for just this reason. They get vibrating phone alerts on the watch, and they are light enough sleepers that it wakes them up. That’s an expensive solution, but a practical one for some people.

And I do know one person who is deaf and only has one Apple Watch. He charges it while he’s in the shower. Most of the other people I know in this group are, like me, wheelchair users and they want to wear their watch in the shower for safety reasons, so that’s why two watches. if you can get by with one, all the better.

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Indeed. :sleeping:

I had actually already written the safety post, but then didn’t actually post it!. It just saved as a draft. I have now posted it as well.

Thanks for the reminder, it’s an important one! :sunglasses: