Way to Discover Samsung SmartThings appliances in android app

I want to create a section in my existing Android app to make my end users capable of connecting & discover to their Samsung brand smart devices and appliances.

I have explored the APIs documented in Samsung website but they are not fulfilling the requirements to discover & connect samsung device in frontend ( via Android Studio app)

any suggestions would be Highly appreciated

Hi @ektaJain

in this case, first, the devices need to be connected with SmartThings after that the users need to share with you their personal token, with it you can send requests to the SmartThings API.

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Thanks for unblocking, can you please help us in below queries –

  • for discovering samsung device from our custom app, we don’t need to setup anything for frontend side, it will done by backend side, please correct me if I am wrong
  • Which SDK can use for BE side, consider we wants to give support for all samsung device (access/control) via our custom app? Core SDK/ Node Js SDK / SDK for c / SmartThingsEdgeDrivers - link for all sdk can find here
  • Got PAT from token website, but how user will share their PAT, do we have any smart thing API in which we can ask for?, checked here but not helping

your response means alot to us, Thanks in Advance.

1- if you’re trying to discover the Samsung devices from your custom app that is not possible, you need to do it with the SmartThing app because you need a controller to do it.
2- The SDKs were created to facilitate the integration with SmartThing, if you want only (access/control) Samsung devices you can send the request to SmartThings API.

3- In that case, the user needs to share the PAT with the correct permissions that you need and you need to store it securely

Note: Please Can you share more about your project? I. like to understand more about your context.

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Here is project context,
our company have our own smart devices/appliances, we are able to connect our appliances using our app, but now we also wants to provide support on ALL samsung appliances through our app. so end-user can connect his samsung appliances using our app .

Can you please provide high level direction on above scenario, from end-user perspective how user will connect our smart-app, there are multiple type of samsung appliances, which having different way to connect [hub connected/cloud connected/direct connected].

We can discuss more & connect on-

It would be great help.

Okey I understand better your case, unfortunately, there’s no SDK or information to discover Samsung appliances in your Android app, that implementation depends on each manufacturer, you can investigate the Zigbee and Z-wave protocols to develop controllers to use devices with these protocols.

Note: In the case of Samsung appliances, some can use a different protocol but it depends on the manufacturer if they want to share the corresponding info to allow third parties to discover and control those devices.

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Just a note:

Most of the major “white goods“ appliance manufacturers (refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, but not televisions) joined a new alliance last year, called the HCA (Home Connectivity Alliance) whose goal was to create a single industrywide standard for connected appliances, so that integration would be made much simpler regardless of the specific protocol being used.

Samsung is participating.

This is similar to the new matter initiative, but matter connections will all be local, and the HCA is specifically intended to apply to devices with cloud to cloud integrations. Their stated goal is “any appliance, any app.”

This isn’t available yet, but there is significant work being done on it, and my guess would be that probably in a year or so you will find an open third party standard for appliances that connect via the Internet.

So as far as the future goes, my expectation would be that third-party hubs will be able to connect to many different smart appliances, including Samsung‘s, via the HCA standard. :thinking:

As far as locally connected devices, at this point, if I were designing any third-party control system, I would be looking at Matter first. That won’t help you with smartthings-branded devices since at present there are no plans for a smartthings/aeotec hub to be a “matter bridge”, but it should mean a large number of devices from many brands can be added without any custom code, including some Samsung entertainment devices (although not all).

With regard to KNX, that’s a proprietary protocol, and you have to get a license from that company in order to build an integration to it. The Homey hub does have one, and ThinkA has a license specifically to bring KNX devices into Apple HomeKit, but other than that I don’t know of many companies that have added that particular integration. KNX does intend to eventually provide some matter integration, so once again, I think most device manufacturers are just going to depend on eventual matter integration.


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