Z-Wave Popp Flow Stop Gas/Water Shut-off Controller (UK)

(Paul) #1

Has anyone tried one of these? Looks to be similar to the Econet valve but cheaper (I’m in the UK).

Z-Wave Popp Flow Stop Gas/Water Shut-off Controller

Looks to be an option for my main water inlet.

(Will Panchaud) #2

Did you every try this or get it working? I am also interested in trying one out and have bought one but hoping for a bit of insight whether there were any issues or shortcomings prior to having a play?

(Paul) #3

I bought one from ebay.

This one I think:

Although I had the EU version. Works well and as expected.

(Will Panchaud) #4

Thanks for the link, will post back here how I get one with the one I have bought, hoping for decent results, just wish the price point for these would come down to something more affordable!

(Paul) #5

I hear you. However, given that there is potential to automate with these and that you’d be automating gas and water it’s probably unlikely. The chinese variants have dropped in price so hopefully as demand picks up prices may drop. Good luck!

(Bob) #6

Did you end up buying and fitting one of these?
Does it integrate OK?
Etc. Etc.

(Paul) #7

Bought one, have yet to fit it. Works out of the box with a standard DTH.

Which reminds me :slight_smile:

(Bob) #8

I’m assuming this is not waterproof and needs to be fitted inside.
I’m thinking of using it for irrigation and needs to be fitted outside.

(Paul) #9

Confirmed, it is not waterproof and is powered by a transformer (the kind that has a large block with terminal pins attached) and a low voltage 12/24 output to the device.

(Bob) #10


(Håvard Siegel Haukeberg ) #11

Hi, looking at getting this to. Can you turn it on or off from the smartthings app without having to do anything else than paring it?

Here is what Popp support wrote:

Support (Support)

  1. Juli, 09:57 CEST


We have not tested this device with that hub, hence we cannot tell if it is compatible to it. Please ask the support or the community of Samsung SmartThings for further help.

Best regards

(Paul) #12

I can confirm you can open close the device for the app using a single button (open/close) once paired.

You could therefore automate using native ST apps or WebCore.