Water sensor trigger alarm

I have a moisture sensor:

and an alarm:

How do I trigger the alarm when moisture is detected?

I took a look at IFTTT and though it allows me include water sensors, it doesn’t allow to use it as a “This”.

Am I missing something?

Setup the moisture sensor in the damages dashboard module. Once you name it go to it’s settings, scroll down and hit additional. The siren option should be there.

The only option via the dashboard I see is to have a push notification or a text.

I can get around this by setting up an app through sonos connect for my audible alarm. But not through the dashboard.

Looks like they just added temp/humidity/moisture as “this” triggers


It only makes sense that the siren would be listed through the damages dashboard, but it isn’t. I use the Sonos app to give me an audible alarm. However, the Sonos app is hit or miss and not loud enough. Also, Sonos won’t continually play or repeat as is needed with a true alarm.

Any other ideas?

Hey Kevin,

How timely. I’ll try it out!!!

I was able to set it up but when I try to test it I get the following from IFTTT:

General Trigger Error 1 minute ago
An error with SmartThings prevented your Recipe from working. Edit the SmartThings Channel or try again. If errors persist, visit the Help page for support.

I have the logs on and see some interesting stuff but nothing that would help fix the issue.


I tested again and it worked. Sure hope this will be reliable.