Foxx Project Water Sensor


I’m fairly new to SmartThings but I’m hoping someone can help! I recently added the Foxx Project water sensor, which was detected and paired up ok (I’ve read elsewhere they’re re-badged Aeon Labs). It works as it’s supposed to, showing when it’s wet or dry but otherwise it’s fairly limited (as it only shows the state when viewing ‘things’ or looking at the notifications page.

There doesn’t appear to be a way of triggering an event or notification from looking at settings or routines. I want it to alarm or notify me when water is detected. Has anyone used this more successfully?


These are managed through the Smart Home Monitor (on the app, tap on ‘Smart Home Monitor’, then the cog in the top right. The ‘Leaks’ entry is the one you want.

Enable the ‘use every water sensor’ option and it’ll notify you when water is detected :+1:

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Thanks! That works, does exactly what I wanted.

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I’ve been searching high and low for a pushbutton z-wave device that can trigger my z-wave siren so the pair can then act as a doorbell and then I thought, this device might do nicely, if you just connect the probe wires to a momentary doorbell pushbutton?
Any thoughts anyone?