Water sensor concrete floor

I’m looking for a water sensor to put in my basement. Occasionally my A/C condensate tube clogs and I get water on my basement floor. This could go on for days as I don’t go down there all that often. I’d like to have a ST send me an alert. My question is can these be mounted directly on a concrete floor or would I have to do what I’ve seen others do and have the contacts in a towel that would get wet and trigger the sensor? What sensor would you suggest for this?


I would suggest a PEQ or ST moisture sensor. You don’t really mount them, you just lay them on the floor near the suspected area. I have many of these on my concrete floor and they detect water just fine.

There is a sale on PEQ’s right now!

Is it possible to mount the moisture sensor closer to the source of the problem at the tube? Seems like a better place to catch it quicker?