Water Leak Sensors on carpet

I am looking for a water leak sensor that can work on carpet. Do any of the smartthing compatible sensors have longer probes that can go through the carpet and pad to the underlayment? Or at least into the pad since it will likely absorb the water?

For sure These do not.


I used this one on my carpet and works well I was able to get it all the way down into the pad. It is on the more expensive side as they go but works great.

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Why wouldn’t it? It has sensors on the bottom too.

Thanks for the input. I figured the Smartthings version would not because it wouldn’t make a reliable connection through the moisture. I like the looks of the Aeotec option except for the price. I have several spots in our basement that I want to get covered and these start to add up.

The OP wants probes to stick through the carpet and into the foam. The contacts on mine are not even close to that. They are nearly flat.

The Everspring Water Sensor probe tips are pretty long, but I think the product was discontinued so I’m not sure if you’ll be able to find it anywhere.

You could probably put 2 nails into the floor, wrap a wire around each one, and connect them to the external terminals of the Fibaro Leak Sensor.

Just strip back some wires and attach them to the terminals.

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