Water leak sensor by AC unit in attic

I was wondering, has anyone ever place the Samsung water leak sensor in the drip pan of the AC unit in the attic.

Would it get to hot for it or would it be ok?

I have one up there now for a few years (installed in 2016). It’s been working great and no issues with the heat, and I live in the South East.


@johnconstantelo Awesome, thanks! I live in North Texas.

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Like @johnconstantelo I live in SE and have had the older version of the ST sensor in my drip pan for a few years and it works great and battery hasn’t had to be replaced yet. Only thing to be aware of is the metal contacts on the bottom may touch the metal pan and may report wet immediately because the pan is bridging the contacts. I solved this by putting my sensor on a small piece of paper towel. In the event of a leak the paper towel would soak up the water anyway.