Is there a good way to install ST water leak sensor to sump pump/pit?

The way it was advertised it seems it could detect nearby presence of water (so I’d just place next to pit and when the water was getting high it’d detect that presence), but instead it seems the contacts needs to be contacted by the water. So it seems I’ll need to install it inside the pit, maybe 1-2ft down from the top.

Does anyone know a good way to install it inside the pit or to the expulsion pipe? Or should I be returning and looking for a sensor with leads?

This is the water leak sensor I got (still within return window)

I think the ecolink may be a better choice. It’s probe can be placed in the pit.

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Yeah I guess I’m having a hard time justifying the double price. If there’s an easy way to attach the ST sensor that seems ideal but if not I guess the ecolink is the only other option?

ST moisture sensor is designed for surface leaks. Your application is not for a surface. Good luck!

Good call. Thanks for the info.

I would think you can bend some metal strapping to lay across the opening, making a platform for the sensor lower in the hole. I’m thinking that will work just fine as the sensor should report once it begins to become submerged. It might get submerged, but it should work.

Does your sump pump sit in a plastic barrel with a lid just below ground level?? If so, you could put the sensor you have on the lid.

Alternatively, you could solder short leads to the contacts and affix them so they are 1/2" inch apart making your own probe. That’s all a probe is. Or buy just to get the probe and solder the wires to the contacts of your sensor.

I’m thinking of doing this too. Ideally, I’d like something that would make an alarm sound on its own even if SmartThings was no longer in the house (or down), but would also send an alert to SmartThings so I’d be alerted remotely as long as I used SmartThings.

It’s a concrete pit, with a flimsy wood cover (not fully covering).

Then I would probably attach the sensor you bought to the wood cover and call it a day. That assumes that if the level comes up to the cover, it will still be a while before any real damage occurs. If you want earlier warning suspend the sensor down into the pit a bit (I could see using a paint stirring stick to do this). Of course, my recommendations here are based on just gettin’ 'er done with what you have rather than trying to make something bulletproof and pretty.

What about a float switch connected across a door sensor. I am planning to do something similar for my fish pond.

Tbh I’ll probably stick with the ST water sensor and find a way to suspend it on a rope/string that I’ll attach to the wood cover.

I did look at the ecolink with the sensor leads but it seems that company does not support their product if any issues arise. Not eager to spend $35 and have it die with no recourse.

I opened up my ST water sensor and soldered a long piece of 2 conductor wire to the internal contacts. Then I have 3mm of exposed bare wire at the other end. If water touches both the sensor activates. Easy solution.