Water Inside GE Link Bulb

At one point he gets some if it kind of close to the camera, I think it was when he pulled a big chunk of at first and showed the circuit imprint. It normally doesn’t come if so easily. But I’d bet my ridiculously low government refurbishment check that’s where it is coming from.

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Me too. I looked at a couple of my A19’s hanging down and I don’t think I can see anything, my BR30’s are too high up to see clearly.

This morning I turned on my GE Link Bulb and it started to flash. I removed the doom and noticed about 1/4 teaspoon of liquid in the bulb portion. Anyone find a solution or what is causing the problem?

I have had the exact same problem with 3 different bulbs. They flash and then I look at them and there is about a teaspoon or so of liquid in them. Any idea how to use the 2 year warranty the the GE bulbs are suppose to have. GE’s website is almost useless.

Exactly same here. Super fast erratic flashing made me take the bulb out and then I noticed the oil. A bit of an electronic smell too when it heats up. I can’t get through to GE Support.

KI have a lot of moisture in one of my GE bulbs.

The only way I found out was when I took it out because it had started blinking rapidly and continuously when turned on.

Yep, I’ve seen that as well. Time to trash all of those now old, troublesome GE Link bulbs and replace them with Sengled bulbs.

I have a bunch of the PAR16 size GE Link bulbs in the outdoor flood light fixtures around my house.

At this point most of them are acting up and I don’t have the patience to reset them all.

Is there a fix, or an alternative for outdoor flood lights?

high-power switch ought to do it

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