WallyHome v2 Water Sensor

I’m looking at all of the water sensor options and was wondering if anyone has tried using the new Wally Home sensors (not the old SNUPI technology ones). They’re zigbee now (I confirmed with their engineers months ago when I was trying to wrangle a “early-bird” discount … and also a job).

I ask because the Iris ones seem to have problems rusting, the Utilitech/Everspring ones I hear have troubles with dropping out, the SmartThings ones are never in stock (and I’d imagine have similar “rusting” issues as the Iris ones), Fibaro ones are WAY too expensive, so it leaves me wondering about Wally.

The Wally ones seem to have temperature, and water (like all of these water sensors seem to), but they add humidity (IMO, really nice … abnormally high humidity would be a nice trigger), and have a proximity switch (odd). They might even have a signal strength capability, but that might have been the older v1 ones. Also, they’re Zigbee protocol, so batteries should last a lot longer (from what I hear).

I need a bunch of them, so I don’t want to pick up 10 of these Wally sensors only to find out they can’t be used.

The zigbee standard allows for many different protocols including manufacturer proprietary ones, and they do not all talk to each other.

SmartThings uses the zigbee home automation profile (ZHA 1.2), so you want to make sure that a device that you’re considering uses that same profile. Just “zigbee” isn’t enough.

Did they send you a copy of their certification?

I didn’t realise the zigbee standard was “fragmented”; thanks for the info!

I’ll ask them for it; they seemed pretty forthcoming with information when I was asking about it months ago.

Ok, so they do use the ZHA 1.2 profile, but they didn’t send me a certification (I actually forgot to ask). Does this mean that, with some programming, it should be able to be setup, or does this mean it just has a CHANCE of being able to be setup? The person I e-mailed at Wally Home said it would work.

I think I’ll buy one, since I would love to combine the water sensing and humidity stuff for the bathroom in one sensor. Maybe I’ll even learn how to program “handlers”.


By any chance, did you made any progress? Just discovered the WallyHome Multi-Sensor (water leaks, current temperature, humidity levels and open doors (?)) priced around $35, and I’d give it a try if I knew I could find a way to integrate with my Smartthings Hub.


I never did :(. I live in Canada, and Sears Canada (RIP) never carried them, so I never got around to buying them.

Wish I had more time; I haven’t played with SmartThings for a while now (everything is just “working”; nuts). If I hit up Sears in the states this week (I am coincidentally going over for a family thing), I’ll buy one and see if I can get it working.

I setup a device handler for Wally v2

Doesn’t quite work perfectly yet (needs some polish), but mostly works

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Amazing. I’ve moved over to a different but compatible platform. Was thinking of doing this myself, but I’m sure this is way better than I’d have come up with!

What did you move over to? Curious; I got a lot of the behavior from https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/devices/U02I007C.01.html which was the only thing I could find that gave information about how the wally sensor works