Warning: Schlage Smart Locks Don't Function as Advertised

Just set up the schlage smart lock with lever last night. Bought it directly from SmartThings. This thing barely functions with SmartThings.

There have been video ads of SmartThings showing how easy it is to unlock your front door from your couch when someone arrives. Its much easier to just walk to the door than click “unlock” and wait 10 minutes for the command to be sent.

The shortcut it made for itself doesn’t function at all. Not what so ever. If you click unlock or lock it does nothing, just says “Locking” for forever. I’ve left the screen there for 20+ minutes and no changes. Swiping to the right and then going back just shows it as unlocked again.

It has a better chance of working from the Things menu but even then is hardly reliable enough go trust it with the security of your home. I got it to lock from the Things menu and the shortcut still permanently says its unlocked.

You’d think if I hit the lock button on the device it would reflect this change in the app? Nope.

You’d think unlocking it with a keycode would reflect this in SmartThings? Nope.

Tried excluding and readding it, tried syncing it with the hub when it was extremely close (hub is still now about 10 ft away), tried zwave network repair.

This thing just doesn’t function as advertised yet. Idk if that video was like “here’s how we’d someday like this thing to function” but I feel lied to.

Has anyone else bought one of these?
Does the shortcut work?
How fast is it to lock/unlock from the phone? (I have a new Moto X)
Does locking/unlocking from the button on the device change its state in the app?

I emailed support, they were “looking into it” yesterday and then just never responded again yet.

I can’t have it notify me when it unlocks if it unlocks using a code either because smartthings can’t tell.

Edit: like I was originally thinking “oh yeah it’d be cool to have a smart lever lock and a smart dead bolt” but there is absolutely no way I would ever consider trusting this stuff to completely secure my home.

Consider, if you will, that there is probably something faulty with your lock or your setup…all these things work just fine for a large community of Schlage owners, and those videos aren’t faked to dupe unsuspecting people into buying a lock that can’t do what they advertise.

I suggest that you work with ST support (which is likely to be slow to respond over the weekend), or simply return the lock for a replacement.

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I have three Schlage locks functioning perfectly on Smartthings. 1 touchscreen lock and two of the older style z wave locks. all work great. Read through this forum for code to remotely change codes, get alerts based on codes used and run macros via IFTTT. the locks are great and Smartthings continues to improve the support. are you on the latest firmware for your hub and latest android app. hope you get the lock working well. for me it is my favorite set of devices paired to Smartthings.

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I have a schlage lock that works great with ST.

I have noticed when I do get a delay or no action after pushing a button on the mobile app is when my phone is switching back and forth between my home wifi and data. I added a wifi repeater that extended the wifi range and have had less issues with that. So just a thought.

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I have 3 Schlage Deadbolts and 3 Schlage Lever locks, never had an issue.

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I had a lot of similar problems with my lock when I first set it up. I found I needed to add a zwave beaming repeater to help the signal turn the corner to reach the lock. Almost All zwave devices that are not battery-powered are repeaters, but they don’t all repeat beaming signals, which is what a lock usually requires.

I had already bought a plug in “appliance module” that did support beaming, so I just swapped it with a non-beaming one that was in the same room with the lock and most of the problems went away.

Since I had been planning to use a network device in that location anyway, it didn’t cost me any extra money, I just had to have the right devices in the right places.

I don’t know if that would make any difference in your situation, but it’s something to consider.

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I check with Schlage customer support and state that might have a defective z-wave module within the Schlage lock, especially if all your other ST z-wave devices respond within 1-2 seconds demonstrating that your network mesh is not suspect.

I have the Kwikset 916 z-wave Smart Lock and it locks/unlocks our front door within 1-2 seconds of invoking the ST shortcut on our i-devices. It also reports status & activity when unlocked/locked manually immediately.

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Also 3 here w/no issues.

I have three of these. One of them is on the edge of the network and sometimes reports back “unknown”. A second one is less than 10 feet from my hub and always reports “unknown”, but locks properly. A third one works perfectly. I’ve dug pretty deep on why this is, and some of it seems to relate to the way I paired the second device before ST had secure barrier code in place – and Schlage didn’t seem to have their act together with the firmware that shipped with the lock either. I’ve not looked into if there is a way to update the firmware on the lock but if so that might help.

As for the Door shortcut, I have complained about this a lot. My “Doors” menu is always out of date. Sometimes it shows all 3 doors, sometimes 1, sometimes 2. I don’t get what is going on with that code.

My Kwikset also reports fast, but I do not see ot in the Standard Smartthings configeration, so I do not know how to set up the options I am missing, very confusing. Also I do not text, only email, so I need a email on my Ipad when door opens and closes. I think there should be a chart to set things up. No statements to me are confusing… If you can give some help, I am listenig, thanks… Frank c

A simple chart showing the options, you set or reset what you want, then the Kwikse 916 would reply it has Reconized your selections… With all the option, like Day, Night, or whatever… Instead, this stuff is encrypted so your not sure what you are doing… I talked to Kwikset today, they said future 916s will have greater range, they also said the Quick Break-in flaw has been fixed for about a year now… We can not pay for all these features if we can not use them, so I hope Smarthings hires some people and gets caught up, they just have to want to do it…

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Can you give some more details on the Management Side of the Schlage Locks. How did you go enroling it into the zWave Network and can you do remote Administration of PIN Numbers.

I have a Holiday House and looking at how and if it is a working solution.