WAPIRZ-1 Motion Sensor Issues

I have several WAPIRZ motion sensors. I have never understood their configuration. In the classis app I had always managed to get them to work by opening them, inserting a battery, pressing the button for a second or two, and they seemed to work fine. Right now, I have one that is no longer able to pair with my hub. I am not even sure which device to choose in the new app. Also, on the motion sensor, the LED never does the “blinking” thing that the “manual” says it will do. I have tried to reset the device with a paperclip in the hole on the back while inserting battery, etc., with no luck. Can someone shed light on this mysterious devices functionality? I’d like to know how to reset it and if the pair it with my hub, please. Any help greatly appreciated.

We have a driver that will support the WAPIRZ. See information about it here.

A copy of the manual for one “version” of the WAPIRZ is here.

My experience with the WAPIRZ and all the clones of it was that some of them have a reset/include switch accessable via a small hole in the back, and some do not. The manual for the GoControl version of the WAPIRZ shows it not to have the reset switch and instead relies on the tamper switch to include/exclude the device. See if you can figure out if you have the reset switch or not.

On the versions that use the tamper switch to include/exclude, I found the timing VERY unforgiving. “hold for a second” was very narrow, but I don’t remember if it tended towards shorter (0.75 second) or longer (1.25 seconds). I do remember that it was a pain.

If I were you I would test trying to exclude it first. In the mobile app, go to your Hub device, 3 dot menu, Settings, Zwave Utilities, Zwave Exclude. WIth the exclude running, try excluding the device near the hub with whatever button sequence seems to work. You can exclude multiple times without any issue. This will show that a) you’re doiing the right sequence for include/exclude and b) the device and hub can speak to one another. Then once you get that to pass, you can try including it after installing our driver referenced above.

Good luck!