Want to change the SmartSense Motion/Temp Sensor motion sensor interval

I have SmartSense Motion/Temp Sensor and it report movement constantly every 20-30 seconds is there a way to lengthen the report interval to say every two minutes. once motion is detected.

The short answer is no, because there is no “interval” per se. Typically, once motion is sensed, the sensor won’t report anything until motion becomes inactive. You can see this in the logs. It isn’t normal for them to report motion over and over unless it goes inactive first. These sensors will report inactive within seconds (5 to 10 typical) of motion stopping, and sometimes it is surprising that it stops sensing motion.

Irrespective, this should not cause a problem. Are you seeing this in the logs?

Trying to piggyback on this question here - My motion sensors sense movement right after it is paired, but then nothing after that again. Even overnight this thing will not report motion, basically you get it once and then no motion ever again. This is the second one doing this so I think I might be confused as to how these are supposed to report out?


open the back, cut the two long lugs that push on the battery, they can push to hard and disconnect the battery givingfalse readings