Wall uplighter for Philips Hue E27


I have a couple of wall uplighters where I want to put some Hue bulbs in, but they don’t fit (well, is a very tight squeeze that puts pressure on the fitting).

Just wondering if anyone here has bought some recently that do accommodate the physical size of a Hue? Online very few retailers/sellers give information about the internal dimensions, and I’ve forgotten how to shop bricks 'n mortar :slight_smile:

(Greg) #2

Are you talking about internal or external?

I’d have thought external ones would give the cylinder size


My bad…I was talking about internal lights!

I found one company who include some inside dimensions for some ‘standard’ wall uplighter (Ansell), and seems the hue bulbs won’t fit.

Wasn’t anticipating this to be an issue, is no one else putting hues in wall uplighters??

(Dan Shepherd) #4

I had the exact same issue, they fit perfectly in these I purchased.

They look alright too, fitted 4 of them today.

(Wayne) #5

these are e14. I take it you used a converter?

(Dan Shepherd) #6

I bought converters but it turned out they’re E27.

(Wayne) #7

Lol. Typical eBay.
Could you post some photos how they look installed? Don’t get a good idea from the eBay photo.