E14 Smart Bulb - Any available


does anyone know of an E14 smart bulb that’s ST- compatible?

i can’t seem to find any bulbs in that format …

Hi buddy. I couldn’t seem to find any online myself. I have ordered some converters to gu10 and e27. I will let let you know how I get on with these.

thanks - much appreciated.



These are what I have ordered. Should have been delivered today but nothing so far. Great start :smiley:

hmmm. i doubt i would have room for an adaptor.

did yours turn up eventually?

not as yet buddy, Ill drop pictures when they arrive of how the housing works

Osram released an E14 for their Lightify line in Europe few months ago that should work although it may need a custom device type for now. I know it’s selling on Amazon in Germany.


@tyler @sticks18

great stuff - i’ll keep an eye out for that …

Got the e14 converters installed. Bulbs work fine through the adapter but It looks horrible. Essentially adding another 2 inches in length on the spot lights.

at least they are working. i’d spring for the osram bulbs posted above but they are frosted and i need clear.

the search continues …

already had a nosy online where I could pick those Osram bulbs up. Not available on Amazon or any other online retailers. I also didn’t notice they were frosted.

Only just spotted this thread, so you probably have it sorted by now. Anyway the Osram E14 that I have is not frosted and works without any issues. Don’t know where you can buy it in the UK though. Actually it is available on Amazon.de and is described as matt - which is what it is as opposed to clear I guess.

Just a quick update, Amazon.co.uk is now carrying this lamp as well.

And it is on the official “works with smartthings” compatibility list:

Hi. Not sure if this has been answered else where - but looking for e14 smart bulb. Have Osram and Philips - but they are too long. Need golf ball size bulb. I’m in UK. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Many thanks. Alan

Take a look at the IKEA Tradfri Alan. They’re low stock at the moment but there’s two shapes in the E14. I’m waiting for stock to arrive locally so haven’t got the E14s in yet but the larger and GU10 work great with smartthings.