Wall tablet support with wireless charging


Any links/ideas for for a slick (in)wall tablet support (with wireless charging)?
I need a tablet dedicated, to display something similar like ActionTiles view of the smart home devices.

I didn’t find anything nice or useful enough.

Thank you.

I’m right in the midst of setting up a wall-mount tablet myself. I ran across this in my research: https://makesbymike.com/

I just got the mount for my Fire 7" and it looks great. Just need to get it all installed now. I’m going with the in-wall box with 120V adapter and will splice off a wall switch right below my intended location.


That’s who I got mine from as well. But what does OP mean by “with wireless charging”?


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I mean: When you are put the tablet on the wall the tablet is also recharging. And easy to remove from the wallet when it’s needed.


I don’t know of any tablet that has wireless charging. That said, you can retrofit any device with wireless charging.

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I wonder if this can work with other 7" tablets…

If they are the exact same size as the amazon fire, I’m sure they would. I’m a little disappointed that there aren’t contacts on the faceplate to pull ac power off for the tablet. You still have to have the wire and the plug coming off the top? That’s just odd.

I would bury the cable/adapter in the wall and wire it to AC somewhere inside. My concern is provisions in the frame for alternate location of the DC in and possibly access to hardware buttons. But I also think that 7" is too small. I’d go with 10" generic. I have 3-4 laying around… might as well put them to good use.

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