Fire Tablet Wall Mount

I have got my Amazon Fire 7 tablet setup with Actiontiles and would like to find a neat way of wall mounting the tablet.

I have seen a few ideas on the Devices and Integration forum, but I was just wondering if anyone has done this in the UK and if so what did you use ?

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

There was discussion on this on the Facebook SmartThings page. Someone was actually marketing this.

Concern. Can you run Samsung Connect on your fire tablet??? I believe the SmartThings app is planning on migrating there. Some (newer) users have had problems connecting due to the browser NOT working with the Samsung login. It may or may not affect the Samsung Connect app.

Where did this information come from pertaining to the SmartThings app being replaced by the Samsung Connect app?

I may be incorrect; however, I believe the team is trying to go to a common app. A lot of information on the threads in this site.

See this thread:

I’m not saying that they aren’t headed in this direction at some point. I just don’t see something like that coming for quite a while as the Connect App has very minimal functionality that mimics SmartThings.

I was part of the Account Migration Beta where they are working to convert everybody from SmartThings accounts to a Samsung account as part of a consolidation effort. I believe this has something to do with the overall Samsung cloud.

However, I’m not sure what their plans are for the applications. Will Samsung Connect become the new SmartThings, well I suppose it’s possible, but until SmartThings / Samsung announces this, it’s business as usual. If they are going this route, I don’t see it happening anytime soon with what is in production and with as little functionality that it contains.

Understand what you are saying; however, the SmartThing staff is already in Beta test with a group of volunteer users.

Again, where did that information come from? There is a group of beta testers working with the Samsung Account so they can replace the SmartThings app?

The issue is that the Samsung account login does not work with the fire browser.

Which I stated in my post above that I am part of that group.

That doesn’t have anything to do with the Applications, per se. That is simply for consolidating every single account to a Samsung account.

FYI: Anyone who created an account on or after 5/4/17 to use SmartThings created a Samsung account, not a SmartThings account. Anyone, before that will eventually be converted from an ST to a Samsung Account. This was already done for all of us in the beta, but at this point nothing has been stated about the ST or Connect App and whether they remain side by side or if Connect will replace the ST app, so that is complete speculation at this moment in time.

And people have reported that downgrading from back to were then able to successfully login to ST so there is clearly an OS compatibility issue that ST staff also stated that they were aware of the issue back in July in the same thread you posted in. But again, to speculate that they are migrating to the Connect App is just that, mere speculation. Not saying that it isn’t true, but until something is announced, we don’t know what direction they are planning to go in.

Thanks for all the replies, but we seem to have gone a little off topic.

I am using Fully Kiosk Browser with ActionTiles on a Fire 7, and logging in is not a problem.

What I was looking for was ideas on how to wall mount a tablet and make it look neat.

Anyone done this or have any ideas ?

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Could do a recessed box, a small tv hanging style clamp, or something similar.

A quick search on Amazon shows several makes of wall mounts.

@WB70 and I were part of that test. Nothing was said about converting everybody over to Samsung Connect only. Samsung Connect is way less useful.

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According to the Announcement(s) made at the Samsung Developers’ Conference in October 2017, all the Samsung IoT Clouds will be merging in the SmartThings Cloud.

Furthermore the SmartThings App will be enhanced to cover the functionality of “Samsung Connect App”, and likely make the latter redundant and deprecated.


Thanks for that, but it clearly states - Does not ship to United Kingdom

I am looking for a UK solution.

Magnetic mount. glue / tape magnets on the back of the tablet.

Get a picture frame and a piece of sheet metal that you cut and install in the frame which you then hang on the wall.

Now you can place your tablet on it and also remove it very easily as needed. The magnets may disturb the tablet acceleration sensor and compass but that should not be an issue for your application.

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I just used Velcro for mines which hold them in place securely. Also cut a hole in the wall behind it to tuck the charger cable in.

I cut the hole the size of a remodel box to put a recessed Outlet Plug in but never got around to doing that…:eyes:

Finally, you can order Qi charging receivers that makes the cable disappear.

Here’s some pics of it but this is not finished and is NOT up to code…yet.:man_facepalming:t4:



Can anyone point me in the direction on where to find tablet wall mounts to replace my old alarm panels in my house? I will be using galaxy Tab A 8" and also Fire tablet 10". Any help would be much appreciated.

This is the Etsy store I get mine from: