Wall switch to independently control GE Link bulbs

Hi there,

In my living room, I have two areas lit by the same switch. For what it’s worth, there’s 2 wall sconces and a ceiling light with 4 bulbs in it. I installed GE Link bulbs in each of them so that I can control the two areas independently. It all works fine from the SmartThings app, but now how do I add a wall dimmer?

So the requirements I have are:

  1. Doesn’t require a neutral wire
  2. Can on/off/dim up to 6 GE Link bulbs independently (or in groups, if that’s possible)
  3. Works with SmartThings, obviously

I think I was getting close when searching for “Z-Wave Transmitter” or “Z-Wave Scene Controller” or “Z-Wave Accessory Switch” but I don’t fully understand the applications for each and can’t find anything that I’m 100% confident fits the bill. Any suggestions or has anyone else setup something similar (e.g. separating a single circuit into two)?



Doesn’t exist.

The switches that work without neutrals so so by passing limited current thru incandescent bulbs. You’ll need a battery powered solution or you’ll need to drop neutrals from the crawl space for the linear accessory switch or the enerwave 7 button wall remote.